Free Workshop on Advance Excel for Corporates & Leaders (with Tricks & Case studies)

Course Description

Microsoft Excel is a very powerful office application for Analyzing data, creating applications i.e. Accounting Information System, Forecast and Financial Models, Marketing Planning, Performance Monitoring Tool, Recruitment and Selection Tools, and many other business focused applications for practical use. MS Excel is vastly using for providing information and making decision. Once these applications are developed, they can be used frequently for many months or years. At the end of this course it is expected that the participants will be able to develop advanced Excel applications and gain outstanding productivity at workplace.

Learning Outcomes

Advanced understanding of Excel Office application, summary reporting, advanced logical and lookup functions, data validation and dynamic conditional formatting, forms and control toolbox. Considering these skill needs, the course has four major learning outcomes:

(1) Gain advanced knowledge on Excel objects (object-oriented-model);
(2) Use advanced functions and tools in Excel needed for application development;
(3) Understand behavior of all forms and control tools;
(4) Develop advanced Excel based applications for practical purposes.


The course is of 7 days and span at least 21 Hours. Various instructional methods will be used based on the type of learning outcomes. The training method would completely interactive and participative. The trainees would receive training booklet that are interactively connected with visual tools. An activity-based learning with video materials would be used.

Learning Methodology

Hands on Experience. The Course will be delivered using formal lectures combined with practical and interactive case studies and exercises rather than theoretical notes. There will be a great emphasis on gaining practical experiences.

Training Sessions and Content

Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2013 Tabs, Ribbons and Commands Accessing, Commands with Keyboards, Backstage File Management

Excel Options, Quick Access, Toolbar Menu Customization

Data and Numbers

Data Entry, Basics and Tips Clipboard, Font and Alignment, Number and Styles Cells and Editing

Looks and Prints

Themes, Colours, Fonts and Effects Margin, Orientation and Page Size, Scale-to-fit and Shit Options, Printing Workbooks.

Introduction to Quantitative Analysis, Arithmetic Fractions and Decimal Percentages and Ratios

Column and Row locking with Relative and Absolute cell references, Conditional Formatting, Cell style

Basic Business Applications

Currency & Exchange Rates Discounts and Commission Simple and Compound rates Pay and Taxation

Excel Functions and Formulas

Defined Names Formula Auditing Calculation and Formula Protection

Advanced Functions

Introduction to Database, Vlookup Function, Match Function, Index Function

Advanced Functions II

IF Nested IF, IF with and, IF with OR