Professional Certificate on Digital Marketing

Professional Certificate on Digital Marketing

Course Descriptions

If you want to be successful with Digital advertising, you might love this course! You will discover complete skill set needed for Facebook & Google Adwords advertising that will lead you to strategize Facebook & Google Adwords campaign effectively & in prescribed manner to grow your brand exponentially.  This course best fits with marketing professionals who thinks in dynamic way and would love to boost their existing strategy with Digital Marketing. However existing social media marketer (Especially Freelancers) & Traditional Advertising Agency Professionals might be beneficial by integrating Digital Marketing strategy with their existing marketing & branding strategy.


In Bangladesh thousands of companies have adopted Facebook marketing strategy with their mainstream marketing strategy. Many of the MNCs including but not limited to Unilever, Grameenphone, Robi, and Standard Chartered bank have already adopted Digital marketing strategy to promote their brand and thus created a huge scope of employment in such industry. It’s a growing industry and hoping to generate at least 1 lac of employment within next 3-5 years. After taking this course you can best fit with the following sectors:


  • MNCs Digital Marketing Team;
  • Digital Marketing Agency;
  • E-commerce Industry;
  • FMCG Sector;
  • Software Industry;
  • Freelancing @ Upwork


Happy Digital Marketing!

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Define Digital marketing;
  • Design, Measure, Analyze, Improve & Control your Facebook Campaign;
  • Design, Measure, Analyze, Improve & Control Your Google Adwords Camaign;
  • Measure Ad Performance leveraging the power of Google Analytics;
  • Prepare yourself for achieving prestigious “Google Adwords Certification”
Learning Methodology
  • Learning by Doing
  • Powerpoint Presentation
  • Quiz
  • Interactive Lecture
  • Question and answer session
Training Sessions and Content

Session 1: Introduction to Digital Marketing

Introduction to Digital Marketing, Types of Digital marketing e.g. SMM, SEO, Affiliate, Mobile, Pay Per Click Marketing, Opportunities of Digital Marketing in Bangladesh

Session 2: ABCs of Facebook Marketing

Define & Differentiate Marketing & Branding; The 5ps of marketing;  Define Facebook Marketing; Advantages of Advertising on Facebook; Comparison between Facebook advertising & Google Adwords Advertising; Grow your Glocal (Global+Local)  Business leveraging the power of Facebook ads;

Session 03: Setting Up Business page & Business Account

Setting up Facebook  page; Concept of Vanity URL; Creating Facebook Business Account; Integration of account information & Credit card data into Facebook; the most appropriate billing method for Bangladeshi advertiser; Limitation of Facebook Ad Account.

Session 04: Alignment of Marketing Objectives with Campaign Objectives

Fix your marketing objectives; Explore Different types of campaign objectives (Page Post Engagement, Website Clicks ;); align your marketing objectives with campaign objectives;

Session 05: Discover Your Target Market

Concept of Target Market & Demography; Target Marketing Segmentation; Concept of Pareto Analysis; Broad Vs Narrow Target Segment; Create different types of audience based on your market segment; Concept of audience overlapping.

Session 06: Facebook Campaign Structure

Account > Campaign > Adset > Ads; Creation of Campaign, adset, ads in power editor; Facebook Post/Ad Jargon: Post Title, Post Description; Call to Action (CTA),  ; ;Published Post vs Unpublished Post;

Session 07: Set up Your First Ads on Facebook

Facebook Campaign using Published post vs unpublished post; Write catchy content for your ad; Craft your facebook ad image; Facebook Ad Image guideline; 20% Rule of Facebook Image

Session 08: Different types of Campaign

Clicks to Website; Event Responses; Lead Generation; Page Like; Product catalog sales; website conversion; Video Views; Group Project (Trainee will start setting campaign practically on group basis).

Session 09: Facebook Campaign Measurement Jargon

Facebook Marketing Jargon: Impression, Reach, Engagement; Frequency, CTR, CPM, CPC, ROI, ; Ad Relevancy;

Session 10:Campaign Measurement Tools

Explore Facebook page insights; Competitor analysis using Watch to pages option; Set up Facebook Pixel; Integration Facebook Conversion pixel for WordPress website; Importance of using Facebook Pixel; Concept of Re-marketing; Individual Project (Trainee will be given a project individually).

Session 11: Campaign Measurement Tools

Use of Google Analytics URL builder to measure Facebook Traffic exactly; Set up custom audience leveraging the power of Facebook pixel.

Session 12: Campaign Optimization Technique & Assessment
Ad Relevance Optimization Technique, Placement Optimization, Adset Optimization, Age Group Based optimization.

Session 13: Introduction to Google Adwords

Introduction to AdWords: Paid Search vs. Organic Search; the Psychology of Search, Benefits & Features of AdWords, Search vs. Display Display Network

Session 14: Different Types of Ad Format

Ad Formats: Text Ads, Image Ads, Video Ads, Mobile Ads, Rich Media Display Ads

Session 15: Google Adwords Account

Account registration and settings, Navigation, Account Structure

Session 16: Google Adwords Campaign Structure

Google Adwords Campaign Structure: Account > Campaign > Ad Group > Ads, Components of a Campaign; Creating a Campaign; Campaign settings; Editing a Campaign

Session 17: Keyword Planner & Display Planner

Introduction to Keywords, Use of Keyword planner to research keyword, Introduction to Display planner, Placement Strategy of Google Adwords.

Session 18: Playing with Ad Group

Creating Ad Groups; Editing Ad Groups; Monitoring; Best Practices.

Session 19: Bidding & Budgeting

Bidding & Budgets: Setting & Managing Bids, Setting & Managing Budgets, Impacts on Ranking, Best Practices.Performance Monitoring & Conversion Tracking: How Google Measures Performance, Troubleshooting, Optimization Performance.

Session 20: Google Adwords Ad Quality

Ad & Site Quality: Quality Score, How Its Determined, Landing Page & Site Quality,  Best Practices.