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The new book on “On the Road” is a new work written here. It is not only Chinese Kungfu, but also the efforts of the world. Real kungfu, everyone knows that I opened the Taoist arena. In fact, it is a martial arts hall. Every day, it recruits books and friends to practice martial arts. It also needs to learn all kinds of boxing. Of course, modern fighting, sanda, Thai boxing, and jujitsu are all practicing. The real purpose is to keep healthy, but the writing of martial arts is more realistic than Dragon and snake. The new book conference will be held at the Portman Ritz Carlton Hotel in Shanghai. It will start at 2 p.m., and if there is a free picosure laser for sale, fans can come directly to the venue and communicate with me. Everyone picosure laser at home talks about martial arts and practices, not happiness. I will set up a fan reception in the hotel lobby. Let’s go straight! [Please pay attention: At 2 p.m. this year, the dream of the new machine “Zhonglu” was launched in the vertical and horizontal network of China. Please join the bookshelf and read the latest chapters for the first time] The first chapter of the article introduces the first chapter of Kungfu crops one by one. “There’s a lot of pain.” Sue grabbed the hoe and put it all down. He wants to stand up plasma-lift and breathe. He has back pain and can’t stretch his muscles. As a student in this city, work in the field of crops is beginning to become very fresh. Half a day later, the two arms were so heavy that the ants seemed to bite into the bones. Even more unbearable is the fact that the hands are covered with a lot of blood. All my life, when beierplasm pan I touch, the microwave laser in my home is distressed. Suro has been in this “Minglunwu School” for two days. He reported on a short summer martial arts training course. Gu Yang, a martial arts coach, did not teach them any martial arts movements. On the first day, I took the whole class and went straight to the countryside. I picked up the hoe and helped the old people who had lost their jobs to dig their farm work. In two days, Su Niu learned to raise his head, dig, turn over the soil, break the soil, make the soil crisp and breathable, suitable for planting. He didn’t think the farmer’s work was too tired. Now he thought, “That afternoon, sweat dripped down on the earth. “The real feeling of this poem.” I will not waste food in the future. This is a technical activity of excavating and digging soil. During these two days, he was watching coach Gu Yang’s movements. Every time an ancient ocean stepped on its feet, the beierplasm body was like a lever, without any effort, the heavy steamer floated up, and then quickly when it fell, it was hooked in the knotted soil, and it became like a big fish coming out of the water. The bulk of the soil is arched, then the product hammer is knocked down, the soil is broken and split, and it is as all-products soft as steaming. Cakes and Pastries. It’s easy to feel free to see the old land and the earth of the coach. It seems to be an art. At first, Su Zong could not use a hoe at all. Even if he did his best, he could not plow deeply. But he learned by observation. I find it much easier for coaches to dig the old soil. “You have to dig your waist, bend your shoulders, use your waist and abdomen, so when you lift your hoe, your lifting body will move forward. Suddenly, it’s like a cat pouncing on a rat and pressing it down with all its strength, so you can put taro in the soil. When you dump, you should also use skills and strength, first step down, then dig and arch. Professor Gu Yang is so detailed that even his teachers are used to digging. The sun burns in the sky and everyone gets sunburned. Although I don’t know what Wushu is, suicide is still a very serious study. But he still can’t learn the flexibility that an old coach has to turn around and run easily. The ancient oceans are full of flexibility, like bodies, springs and farms with many wires.