Ashiquzzaman Ashiq
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Current WorkMCC Ltd.
Past WorkW3Engineers Ltd
Specialist InAndroid Application Development
Experience3 Years


Ashiquzzaman Ashiq is expert in Android app development, Technical analyzer of cross platform mobile development. Ashiq started his carrier as a Software Engineer in 2014 in a lead IT company in Bangladesh. He worked on technical analysis, core R&D and implementation for full mobile app development lifecycle over different platform. While working he has gained expertise on several core infrastructure of mobile app development, especially on those technical areas: Cross platform socket communication by core TCP and UDP, CF network – iOS, Core BSD socket, Core messaging engine, server scalability, VOIP & SIP (CSIP, PJSIP, MJSIP), IP to IP file sharing and calling without internet, Audio codec (Speex, Silk, GSM, Lame, aLaw, uLaw, G711, G722)

Ashiq has been awarded several for several remarkable achievements; he gained championship in business idea category of DUITS Campus IT Feast for Home Security System and winners in top ten of Priyo Tech Windows Phone App contests.

He has completed his BSc in Computer Science and Engineering from Patuakhali Science and Technology University.