Md.Farhan has successfully conducted the 80 hours training under Capacity Building for Mobile Game Development Program arranged ICT Division at Jahangirnagar University(JU), Dhaka University(DU), Bangladesh University of Business and Technology(BUBT) and Dhaka Mohila Poly-technique Institute (DMPI) with impressive output from the trainees. Project Chaos (Personal Project WIP): A fully functional First Person Framework created entirely from scratch using Unity Game Engine. It features • A complex Gun System with dedicated configuration for Manual Guns, Automatic Guns and Launchers. • Has an inventory system and interactive game objects. • Partially destructive environment has been already implemented. • Finite state machine based artificial intelligence for Zombies and Ranged Human Enemies. Enemies has basic sense abilities such as hearing, seeing etc which allows distraction, tactical game-play. • Intuitive UI scripts. • Realistic bullet physics is still under development. The project is still a work in progress.