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About mLab

mLab stands for “Mobile Application Laboratory” and serves as a hub that supports growth-oriented businesses through innovative and cutting edge knowledge products and systems. mLabs are specialized mobile business incubation and acceleration facilities, offering physical work-spaces, mentoring and coaching, devices for app-testing, training etc.


mLab acts as an incubation hub in three ways, 1) by empowering businesses in the mobile industry through venture acceleration, 2) creating mobile communities of entrepreneurs, investors, partners, and mentors, and 3) researching the app economy of emerging frontier markets. One of the fundamental ways we cultivate these goals is through education. We offer IT training courses for professionals, freelancers, developers and students. Our course instructors are often our own specialists who are involved with current software technologies on a daily basis. This guarantees an interactive learning environment because they have both the theoretical insight along with the practical experience to equip you with the most in-depth knowledge.

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