Workhsop on Google Analytics

Google Analytics Essential Training

Course Description

To know more about your visitors and how your content is performing, Google Analytics is the industry standard for tracking, exploring, and reporting site data Whether you run a website for a home business or a large corporation. Knowing how to use Google Analytics correctly will help you measure site traffic, SEO, engagement, ad revenue, and even activity on social media. It shows you how to get set up in Google Analytics and glean insights from each of the reports. From this course you will be able to know how to interpret results, create and track goals, and use options like dimensions and segments to go abysmal. Each session is practical and concise & touching on the features you’ll use most in your routine analytics workflow.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Create a Google Analytics account
  • Install tracking tags
  • Understanding the dashboard, graphs, and data tables
  • Set up report filters
  • Look at audience demographics and interests
  • Track engagement with behavior reports
  • Analyze traffic with acquisition reports
  • Track different events
  • Configure conversion goals
  • Add custom campaign tracking
Learning Methodology
  • Learning by Doing
  • Powerpoint Presentation
  • Quiz
  • Interactive Lecture
  • Question and answer session
Training Sessions and Content

Session 1 (9.00 AM-10.30 AM)


  • What is Google Analytics?
  • How does Google Analytics work?
  • Key definitions
  • Overview of Google analytics Account
  • Creating Google Analytics Account
  • Installing tracking tags
  • Setting account properties


Session 2 (10.40 AM-12.10 PM)

  • Understanding Reports
  • Metrics & Dimension
  • Exploring Interface
  • Interacting with graphs
  • What is segmentation?
  • Setting up basic filters
  • Looking at audience overview
  • Audience demographics and interests


Session 3 (2.00 PM-3.30 PM)

  • What are acquisition reports?
  • Viewing all traffic reports by channel
  • Exploring referral traffic within all traffic report
  • Social Report overview


Session 4 ( 3.40 PM-5.10 PM)

  • A closer look at event tracking
  • Reviewing event reports
  • Configuring goals
  • Exploring goal reports